Material Blog with Laravel has all the core features you need in a blog, right out of the box:

  • A homepage which lists featured and latest articles
  • A top authors section
  • Articles listed by category, tag or author
  • A search results page
  • Article page (complete with related articles and a comment section)

The homepage is structured in three sections:

  • the featured articles section. Featured articles are selected by the admin from the Material Dashboard admin panel
  • a list of the latest articles
  • a section with the most popular authors

In the App\Http\HomeController you can see how data gets added to the page . "published", "publishedUntilToday" and "showHomepage" are local scopes and can be found in Article model. "userIsAuthor" is also a local scope which can be found in the User model.

        public function index()
            $featured_articles = \App\Article::published()->showHomepage()->publishedUntilToday()->take(4)->get();
            $latest_articles = \App\Article::published()->publishedUntilToday()->orderBy('publish_date', 'desc')->take(3)->get();
            $authors = \App\User::userIsAuthor()->take(4)->get();
            return view('blog.home', compact(['featured_articles', 'latest_articles', 'authors']));

The Resources\Views\Blog\Home.blade.php holds the information about featured articles, latest articles and top authors.

        <h2 class="title">{{ __('Featured Articles') }}</h2>
          <div class="card card-plain card-blog">
            @foreach ($featured_articles as $article)
        <div class="section">
          <h2 class="title text-center">{{ __('Latest articles') }}</h2>
          <div class="row justify-content-center">
            @foreach ($latest_articles as $article)
            <a href="{{ route('blog.article.index') }}" class="btn btn-rose btn-raised btn-round">
              {{ __('View All') }}